Taamul e-correspondence system

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A system for dealing with administrative communications that records all transactions received from third parties (general inbound) of all types
As well as the registration of transactions created by internal entities (internal origin), follow-up movements of assignment, query and export of those transactions until they are terminated, whether by conservation, withdrawal or rejection.
- The system provides a set of queries, reports and statistics that help to accelerate, facilitate and follow up the completion of work at all levels and identify and manage the organizational structure and management of powers according to the structure.
- Smart indicators panel can track transactions and receive them at the level of department / center / department / office employee and to measure performance.
- A graphical transaction procedure engine that can create a complete transaction path, define the procedure and time of the procedure, as well as individual and multiple assignments for groups.
Send electronic circulars by creating a variety of different public collections and assigning them to specific initiatives

Providing the service of establishing letters as models and handling them in the export transactions